Working Test GRR


Fantastic Result for Bohemianchic Shiraz aka Shanti ,

Working Test by Gruppo Romano Retrieving at Torre Baccelli Italy

winner of Beginners Class ! 

Just a little over 2 weeks left

news 17 nov

Staring to make all preparations necessary to welcoming the puppies !!

Boheme is pregnant at week 4


Boheme is 4 weeks pregnant , we took ultrasound today !!!

Happy Birthday Boheme

BO 3 yrs

Happy Birthday Boheme !! 3 years today

SEVCH Almanza Bohemian Chic is in season

Bo season

SEVCH Almanza Bohemian Chic is in season !! She will be meeting a beautiful "gentleman" stud dog next week 

Flatcoated Retrievers puppies planned end of 2014 !!

Bo Slo

Boheme will have her first litter this year , the name of the beauty and brain stud dog will be announced after the mating which is calculated for mid October 2014. It is going to be a liver and black litter.

Flatmästerskapet 2014

shanti med and

 Just came back from Flatmästerskapet 2014 an extraordinary 2 day event for FCR held every year in Sweden since over 30 years, a WT where cold game is also used. Nearly 450 entries one would think it would take ages at each Step , not at all so, the organization was super and everything went smoothly .
Fantastic grounds and water, am very happy to have participated and am looking forward to next year FM 2015 !

Results -

Bohemianchic Shiraz aka Shanti :
UKL : 10 - 20/18 -18 -18 total points 84 out of 100

Shanti has done a very nice work and at step 4 we had cold game (duck) , it was his 3rd time to retrieve cold game , only twice last week just to test him, and he has retrieved it beautifully

Almanza Bohemian Chic aka Boheme
NKL : 8-13-9/6-10 toltal 46 /100

not her best performance but at least no ZERO , we'll do better next time !!

Getting ready for Flatmästerskapet 2014

getting ready

Today was last training before our debut at the Flatmästerskapet 2014 held in Sweden at Kratte Masung Saturday 9th-10th of August . In Shanti's class there are 86 entries and in Boheme's class 168 entries ... Well'do our best !!!


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