RCI Working Test Sinalunga (Italy)


Great result for Almanza Bohemian Chic aka Boheme on her debut in Working Test the 14th April 2013 at Sinalunga Italy. On 17 dogs in her class she ranked 7th with a total of 87/120 points.

Almanza Bohemian Chic "Top Junior Flatcoated 2012 " Italy

22nd of March 2013 at Reggio Emilia (Italy), Almanza Bohemian Chic aka Boheme - representing the Flatcoated Retriever - partecipated at the semi finals for the selection of finalists for Top Junior Dog 2012. Boheme is now "Top Junior Flatcoated 2012" (Italy).

Blood Tracking Ability Test - Sweden

Viltspår: Botorp - Anne- Christine Elfsmo - Viltspår Anlagsklass : Godkänd
At only 10 months of age Boheme managed with excellence to pass the blood tracking ability test, a discipline widely practiced by all dog breeds and mix breeds that in Sweden gets qualified with a proper Championship with title to add onto a pedigree.... Boheme has an excellent nose nealry as good as a " Bloodhound" loves to track anything even car olileakings on the road !.... our goal is to become Champion in summer 2013 and I doubt she'll have any problems!

I might even consider to train her for scenting substances or missing people.

RCI Working Test Borghetto (Italy)


Debut for Shanti at RCI Working Test at Borghetto (VT).
Never have I felt so nervous and excited at the same time, he is a very promising Retriever!

Zinfandel of Napa Valley aka Sirio


Sirio is littermate of Shanti and lives with his owner Sara Colombo in Milan , they are doing very well at training and at the moment doing some game retrives


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