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All is well in the Whelping box

Bo  puppies day 6

Day 6 : Puppies are gaining weight growing rapidly and mommy Boheme is doing very well , she is a wonderful and caring mother ! 

Good Morning from the whelping box

IMG 5393


Day 3 , all is well in the whelping box ! 

Puppies are Born !!


A would like to introduce you to Bo & Teddy Puppies ! Born on the 2nd of December 2014 

Mommy Boheme is a very good mother very generous with her milk and very careful , she is not an over anxious mother she likes to take a stroll in the garden when puppies are asleep and is a very serene mother. 

the whelping has been long from 8.55 Am untill 3.50 pm but being a young girl she managed very well , ate and drank plenty of water during the time and was often out in the garden .... where she actually gave birth to 3 puppies :) Luckily the weather here in Rome was not so cold 

we have 4 black and 4 Livers - LIVERS : out of which 1 liver girl (Miss Yellow) , 3 liver Boys ( Mr White, Mr Burgundy and Mr Brown ) 

BLACK : 2 black girls ( Miss Purple and Miss Red ) ans 2 black boys ( Mr Orange and mr Blue ) 

I have to be very thankful for my Vet Dr. Alessandra Menenti for assisting through the entire process of whelping she was of very precious help ! 

A very fit mom to be

8 weeks

Boheme is now going into her 9th and last week of pregnancy, and is in excellent conditions :) 


8 wochen

week 8

whelping puppies room

So now we are coming into the last week of pregnancy and the whelping/ puppie room is ready. I will start sleeping there from monday 1st december together with Boheme mom to be, so that she will start feeling confortable and safe to whelp in that room. According to the last Ultrasound check the time is up on the 4th.

Boheme is feeling good and still in reasonable fit shape for a mom to be considering her 40 kg of weight and 80 cm diameter of her abdomen. Now puppies can be felt very clearly one can detect the head from the back and feel them kicking :) 

I did some grooming today so she will look nice , she'll get a mild shampoo on sunday to be fresh and clean for her pups to snuggle in her coat. 

Foodwise she is a little off these days so she can get what she best likes, she absolutely wanted my avocado last night so YES she got some ! 


Last Ultrasound at about 53rd day



So today was last Vet check, Dr Luca Semplicini's ultrasound confirmed healthy puppies and regular heartbeat, the first pup coming to the world is in head first position ! 

Boheme is doing fine she is in very good phisical condition , had morning sickness yesterday eraly morning but otherwise she is happy and a proud mom to be :) 


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