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Puppies are moving !

puppies moving

Such indescribable joy and excitement it is to feel puppies moving !! 

more or less 10 days to go ! 

Week 7

39.4kg w7

Today weight is 39.4kg , puppies are growing and getting bigger ! 

She is now eating Royal Canin Mother and Puppies dry food 3-4 times a day , I rather divide the food in smaller meals in order not to be too heavy on the stomach. 

Milk has come in during this week and she started to digg big holes in the garden looking for her own spot where to deliver her puppies when time comes, she does not know yet that she will have her beautiful little ones at home in a warm and confortable whelping box where in fact she has been often during the last two weeks expolring ;) 

going into 7th week

73 cm

Bo's tummy is growing now !! Today she measured 73 cm quite a big difference from last monday .

A little over 2 weeks left !! She is fine and happy as always just wants to rest a bit more during the day, her exercise regime is going to start to be less and less but I still want her to stroll along in the garden at her own pace, exercise is good to keep her muscles in shape for the delivery .  

foetus-first-hairs medium

This is what the foetuses look like at 7 weeks of pregnancy, first hairs appear and the skeleton ossifies .  - ( image taken from "Royal Canin Mother & Puppies"  ) 

Week 6

36kg w6

As every Friday since the beginnning of her pregnancy we go to the vet and check her weight , today she is 36 kg ! Taking more or less 2kg per week was so far very good, she will probably have an increase next friday ;) 

All is well she is fine and happy to be pregnant, she is very careful not to be too lively and protects her belly by turning when Shanti or Kay come running towards her. 

Going into 6th week

66 cm

A very Happy mom keeping herself fit even though her abdomen is starting to show , today it measures 66 cm ! 

I have never see her so happy , she is a very proud mom to be  :) 

Week 5

33.8 kg w5

I am weighing Bo every Friday , so today she weighs 33,8kg  ( her normal weight is around 30 kg) 

last Friday her weight was 32,2 kg . 

the puppies are growing :) 


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