Litter's Diary


Puppies have now their regular 3 times food a day , and extra mommy milk as a snack ! 

These two boys have been on a little adventure tour in the living room today , they enjoyed it very much, starting to expolore at this age  together with tasting everything their mouths can get on .... 


IMG 4927

Mr Blue 

IMG 4890

Mr White 

Puppies interacting

IMG 4811

Socializing and interacting puppies at day 23 ! 

Puppies are eating their first food

IMG 4788

At 3 weeks of age weaning has started and puppies are getting their first real food , mashed puppy food it is :) and they love it !! 

Day 16 , walking and eyes open

miss purple walk

Miss Purple first proper steps :) 

mr white - mr orange

Mr White and Mr Orange 

Opening eyes at day 12

miss yelllow eyes open

At day 12 puppies are opening their eyes ! Here little Miss Yellow eager to have a good look :) 

1 week old

miss yellow nails

1 week old today so I clipped all puppies's little sharp nails :) 

Here Miss Yellow sleeping on my lap, easy clipping her nails !


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