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13.04.2016 Kay passed the game blood tracking aptitudinal test , now training more to hopefully make it to Blood tracking Champion ! 

Date of birth: 01-08-2012 - Female

Breeder: Mr. John Thirlwell - Ferndel Kennel - UK

Sire: Weslave Ragged Robin
Dam: Ferndel Top Story at Shannas

Eyes: Clear
Teeth: scissor bite

The Welsh Springer Spaniel can be a very competent dog working in the field and a perfect companion at home just as long as it gets its daily exercise , WSS have lots of energy and love to have a good run.

Welshies love human contact and create a special bond with the owner, they don't like to be left alone too long and integrate well with other members of the family and kids including other animals.
Kay is a lovely and active Welsh Springer Spaniel, typical of her breed to be happy and joyful, loves the company of other dogs respectfully accepting rang orders, very affectionate and eager to learn her job " flushing birds/game" , She is doing some dummie work as Springer Spaniels can also retrieve. Living with Flatcoated retrievers she keeps an eye on what the "big ones" do and likes to be up and around just as a WSS must do. Water and climate is no problem WSS adapt well to any weather keeping in mind extreme conditions !



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Karlstad - Sweden 


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English, German, Italian, Swedish and French spoken.

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